Nu-Wall Inc


Do you offer a warranty on your work and materials?         
Yes. Five years on each.

Do you have crews to do the work?
Yes. We have worked with the crews for five or more years.

Do the crews speak English?
There is always at least one member of a crew who speaks good English and we provide you with several phone numbers so that you have good access to us in the event you do not feel you are being understood.

Is drywall toxic or harmful at all?     
Drywall is listed on the OSA Material Safety Data Sheets as an irritant. It is not toxic and is water soluble.

If you are doing a basement or remodel, how do you prevent dust and other mess in the rest of the home?       
Some residue dust will almost certainly be found in areas other than the work area. To minimize mess we recommend that heat ducts be blocked off during hanging board and cleaning up after hanging and during sanding. The vents need to be left open during taping, coating, and texturing to ensure proper drying. In addition access points to the work area should be covered in plastic. We prefer to use a window to access the job where possible, when we are doing the work. Sometimes the tools may need to be brought in through another path.

How long does a typical project take?          
Generally speaking we need a week, sometimes a little more, depending on the size of the project. We strongly subscribe to the concept that the bitter taste of lost time wears off much quicker than the bitter appearance of a bad job. Improper drying is most common problem. This can be unpredictable. Therefore we will take extra time – if necessary - to ensure the job has dried completely, or if we are not completely satisfied with the overall quality.  We are also very sensitive to the sometimes necessity to save time. When that occurs we can use special materials to cut several days off of the job without compromising the quality.

Do the crews work specific hours?    
No, because very often they know that the drying conditions are not such that they should return the next morning, they may not return until the following afternoon or even the next day. Crews often have several jobs going at once and this necessitates timing their stops accordingly. We will keep you informed of when to expect their return.

What do I need to do to be sure the crews can get it if I will not be home part or all of the time?
Our crews have been tested and proven and we feel they are trustworthy. Some folks don’t mind leaving a window unlocked for them to use. Some folks give us a garage door code, others a key. Some say they don’t mind if the job takes longer and only allow us to be there when they are. We will work with whatever you are most comfortable with.