Nu-Wall Inc

“Service with honesty, quality, and integrity”

Does anyone else offer this product or service?       

Do you offer a warranty?      
Yes we offer different warranties for different services.

Can infestations return?        
Yes, given the right conditions, any infestation can return. DPG leaves a microbial barrier minimizes the possibility. It is important to isolate the conditions that caused the infestation and rectify those conditions if possible. For example, water + organic material + time = mold. Stop the water, kill the mold and the infestation will not return.

Asthma or allergies are brought on by mold and bacteria spores, allergens, dust mites, etc . You can’t just clean, because there is simply no way of getting rid of all of this. We kill these offensive materials, 100% dead.
 Bed bug infestations are generally the result of hitchhiking into the area. Once killed that infestation is gone.  We completely kill them, 100%, eggs and all. We – no one – can stop new hitch hikers from showing up, although this will generally take some time if it happens.

How long will you tie up an area?     
For most things we will only tie of the area for 12 hours or less. Some protocols may tie up the area for 24 hours.

Will I be able to reoccupy the space the next day after treatment is complete?    
Yes. Often you can return to the area that night.

Do I have to take all of my belongings out of an area?        
In most cases you will not have to take your belongings out at all. In some applications you may need to take some things out. When we treat bed bugs you will need to take all laundry and get it cleaned using specific conditions to ensure that any eggs or bugs caught in the laundry will be killed.

If I have bed bugs will I have to discard my mattress and box springs or clothing, etc.?    
In most instances, no you will not. Exception is where there is already damage present to the box springs or mattress.  Bedding, etc. should be laundered at high temperatures.

How will your product and service help me to breathe better and live better?    
It all starts with clean air. The average person spends an average of 20 hours a day indoors. Few realize that most of the IAQ – Indoor Air Quality – is very poor. Air is filled with spores, mold, bacteria, allergens, asthma irritants, dust mites, and other nasty things that often make a person’s or  family’s quality of life much lower than it should be. Both adults and children have allergies and asthma that is triggered by this low air quality. We change that by killing the contaminants that float around, unseen. We don’t just encapsulate these things, we kill them. That means that they are gone not still hanging around waiting for the right conditions so that they can be re-released into the air. When we’re done, the air is completely clean, stripped of all those ugly little things. In addition we get rid of other nasty little insects that inhabit our spaces like bed bugs and many other insects with exoskeletons. And our leave-behind equipment will maintain this high indoor air quality.

What is the leave-behind?     
It is the absolute best air cleaner made today. It is virtually maintenance-free, with yards and yards of the best filtration systems available today.

Is the product really safe?     
Yes. OSHA required MSDS sheets refer to it as an irritant. The residue left behind is oxygen and hydrogen.